Thursday, December 06, 2001

Interesting. I feel like Billy Pilgrim.

Billy Pilgrim, as I'm sure you are all aware of, is the of course the anti-hero of 'Slaughterhouse-Five', and he repeatedly found himself transferred to the distant planet Trafalmadore. Then, next thing he knew, he was back on Earth again, although not in his fancy office in USA, but rather in dresden in 1945.

I just learned yesterday that I've spent vast parts of this semester on the planet Zorg, at least that's the theory offered by Dr Fleming for my not even remotely satisfactory work on this blog. Quite plausible, if you ask me, and I'm of course tremendously grateful to Dr Fleming for this. His remarkable explanation spares me the burden of naïvely blaming the pubs, the Guinness and the Irish. It was the Zorgians all along! I would also like to stress that I was kidnapped to the Zorgian pubs against my will. What can you do against their mighty powers? After all, I'm just a regular guy trying my best...

Anyway, I'm back! Back on Earth, back in Coleraine in 2001 and... well... I guess it's about time to get down to business.


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